Technical Information

Communication Control Unit (CCU)
Wireless communication between vehicles and their surroundings (Vehicle-to-Everything [V2X] or Car2X), including communication between a vehicle and road infrastructure (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure [V2I] or Car-to-Infrastructure [C2I]) and between vehicles (Vehicle-to-Vehicle [V2V] or Car-to-Car [C2C]) according to ETSI ITS G5 or C-V2X standard

Application Unit (AU)
Application logic, configuration and parameterization

Roadside ITS-Station
also Intelligent Roadside Station (IRS), Roadside/Road Side Unit (RSU)
Information exchange and communication
• IRS consists of several parts, usually a CCU and an AU, connected via network technology
• The parts of an integrated IRS are often located at a distance from each other, so that the CCU is up on the traffic light post and the AU is the intersection in the traffic control box

Vehicle ITS-Station
also Intelligent Vehicle Station (IVS), On-board Unit (OBU)
Information transmission and receiption
• Communication between vehicles and infrastructure
• Communication between vehicles (Vehicle-to-Vehicle [V2V] or Car-to-Car [C2C])

Pedestrian detection camera
• Detecting the movement of pedestrians
• Sending the information about pedestrians’ position, direction and speed to the AU
(Camera images are neither sent further nor saved)

Traffic camera
•  Recognizing and counting the vehicles
•  Sending the information about recognized objects, in particular of test vehicles crossing the intersections
(Camera images are neither sent further nor saved)

Charging Station
A plug socket for Mode-2 charging cable to charge electric vehicles

Radio-frequency  identification (RFID)
Identification by means of electromagnetic waves: recognizing RFID-tags of test vehicles (e.g. so that the charging station could be enabled)

•         Application and analysis systems for processing zthe data from the Testfield
•         Saving the generated data
(The Testfield is connected to the IT-Center via 4G-communication)