Neurocognitive Driving Test Field

The Neurocognitive Driving Test Field was integrated into ITeM in cooperation with Systems Neuroscience & Neurotechnology Unit  (SNNU, Prof. Dr. Dr. Daniel J. Strauss) in 2015. Dual (i.e. both for a driver and front-seat passenger) neurocognitive monitoring allows out-of-lab measurement and analysis of attention and emotions.

In 2018, FGVT and SNNU started working together on the kantSaar (Kooperatives automatisiertes Fahren im neurokognitiven Testfeld Saarland – Cooperative Automated Driving in Saarland Neurocognitive Driving test Field) project. The goals of the project are to collect a database of neurocognitive and traffic-related data and to create an anonymous map of cognitive-affective situations of drivers in urban environment.

FGVT researchers as a driver and front-seat passenger wearing EEG-caps (EEG = Electroencephalography) © FGVT
Heatmap of the brain’s electrical activity recorded from the electrodes © FGVT
Test vehicle ITS and EEG equipment © FGVT